WinMedia WMR T Traffic Ads



  • 1 station
  • Traffic Ads
  • Report
  • Mixer
  • Library
  • Scheduler
  • 3 hours of installation and training 

WinMedia Radio Traffic Ads


This application is one of the most important parts of the software for private stations, it’s the way to ensure the management of their first source of revenue...

The campaigns could come from the ads booking tool WinBizz or could be inserted here directly, with a full grid that allows you to copy and paste a week-planing in several weeks for an entire campaign or for several stations at the same time. A powerful and user friendly program fearuring
multi-areas ads management which allows broadcasters to manage ads and sponsorships nationaly and/or locally.

The applet includes a complete customer details contact management tool, spot labeling for ad rotation (sector of activity, voice, music) and campaing details including contract numbers, national or local sponsorships which allows to book the spots either by day, by hour, by time zone or even by break, with support for automatic or manual ads rotation.

The user can manage up to 16 different stations radio or Tv and ads zone on a single workstation, which means more opt-outs, more ad time and more revenue for a minimum additional investment.

This module can calculate the cost of a campaign according to the number of ads and the broadcasting schedules while integrating ads space reservation. It also offers the creation and printing of affidavits, broadcast reports as well as export of data to accounting softwares.







This function is essential to manage the sequencing of the various audio sources. It defines mixing values using fades in and fades out, jingles incorporation, or voice tracks recording for pre-recorded programs. You can listen and visually preview the elements and transitions defined. This new mixing tool allows the possibility of adding multi voice tracks to 1 mix in the playlist. Mixer can be utilized in several modes, as a simple and precise way of setting default mix point including start/end, intro/outro, hook and loop points. It also allows to adjust time stretch properties and volume control for each respective audio file.



The library module is powerful and user-friendly, it runs on the latest SQL Database technology. It allows Multi criteria’s intuitive search, file classification, easy drag and drop functions, display of broadcast date, hour and media restrictions, last broadcasted date and display playlist position, automatic and tempo recognition, normalize and trim. Users can add customizable fields for fast search and precise music scheduling rules, import and export all video and audio formats, information, type, tempo, cover and associated data push to ftp server...



Music scheduling is generated from specialized mathematical algorithms. Rotation constraints and sequencing rules can be applied on the Database’s categories or titles. The scheduling then takes place, according to a predefined clocks. This module also integrates statistics and can export
broadcast histories. This module also supports the centralized management of multiple stations working under a WinMedia environment.