Roku – Video Streaming distribution

Roku – Video Streaming distribution

Get more Audience! 


Take your content to your audience’s handsWith our Roku Basic program we can offer you live streaming within the Roku platform. If you want to add to your live stream, on-demand shows and movies you can upgrade to our ROKU Pro program where we offer 500GB 


One-time setup charge: $599.00 

Monthly fee$149.00 

Download Demo in your Roku App:305Broadcast  

Requirements:  Customer needs to supply a good quality streaming source. If you do not have streaming, please visit our Video Streaming Solution Package. 

Take the experience of your Roku Application by adding Netflix-style “On Demand” Videos, where your audience, in addition to being able to see your signal live, will be able to download programs and episodes.   

Pro Features: 

• Create & place in Playlist Calendar 

• Quickly upload your Videos 

• Stream 24/7 for schedule flexibility 

• Video On Demand (upon request, Netflix style) 

• Access to Statistics, Reports & Technical Support.  

•Roku PRO with On Demand 

One-time setup charge: $1899  

Monthly fee: $299 

Download Demo in your Roku App 


Requirements:  Customer needs to supply a good quality streaming source. If you do not have streaming, please visit our Video Streaming Solution Package.