Audioarts Air-5




The new Air-5 builds on the Air series by Audioarts with USB input/output connectivity and Bluetooth compatibility.

Play audio directly from the PC or output audio to PC recording software as well as receive and record calls from Bluetooth enabled cellphones or play cuts from Bluetooth enabled MP3 players.

The Air-5 has four microphone preamps built in, which allows the use of a host microphone and three guest microphones without the use of any external mic preamps. It gives you 16 input faders (with A-B source select), plus auto mix-minus for call-ins, two program busses, built-in CUE speaker and CR, and headphone and studio monitoring control.

With basic features like machine control, cue, talkback, and mix-minus included, it’s perfect for smaller stations looking to upgrade as well as for larger facilities in need of an auxiliary studio or newsroom console. Add Bluetooth compatibility and USB connectivity for PC news, production workstations or streaming audio, and the Air-5 is perfect for news and internet broadcasts


  • 16-channel frame
  • USB input/output connectivity
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Switched VU meters
  • Remote START logic for each fader
  • 2 program busses with balanced outputs (switchable stereo or mono mode)
  • 4 mic preamps
  • Studio output with independent source selection and CR to studio TB button
  • Electronic switching
  • LED illumination
  • Tabletop mount; compact frame
  • Cue speaker
  • Split cue
  • Headphone jack with built-in amplifier
  • External input feeds the monitor section (for live air or pre-delay air monitoring)
  • USB connection for extra versatility
  • RJ-45 connectors for low-cost wiring
  • Balanced or unbalanced inputs/outputs for consumer or professional grade equipment





Direct wire plug terminals, balanced
Electronic differential, >2KΩ bridging
Adjustable sensitivity, max. input -6dBu

Line (Caller, External)
RJ-45 balanced, >10KΩ bridging
+4dBu = 0VU, max. input +24dBu


Program & Caller
RJ-45 connectors, balanced
Electronic differential, 100Ω source
Impedance to drive >600Ω
0VU = +4dBu, max. output +24dBu

CR & Studio Monitor 
RJ-45 connectors, unbalanced

Stereo 1/4” TRS connector to directly drive typical broadcast style headphones >200Ω

Cue speaker in meterbridge 
DB-25 female connector output to drive external power amp



Frequency response  ±0.1dB 20Hz-20kHz (mic & line)

Dynamic Range 
Line (unity gain) 113dB
Mic (54dB gain) 100dB

24dB above -4dB

Mic -128dB EIN
Line -87dB ref 0VU

Mic <0.02% @-50dBu in, +4dBu out
Line <0.003% @+4dBu in, +4dBu out

Bus Crosstalk -111dB @1kHz

Stereo Separation -78dB @1kHz

Off Isolation -120dB @1kHz


Low current closure to drive external on-air light relay

Channel Start Out 
Opto-isolated output closure to remote start external devices


28.5” / 72.39cm wide
14.37” / 36.5cm deep
4.06” / 10.31cm height (rear)
1.06” / 2.69cm height (front)

Weight 18.5 lbs / 8.39kg

Shipping weight 24 lbs / 10.9kg

Power 100-240VAC / 50-60Hz / 50W