305 Talk Show Room Premium

$15,995.00 $12,051.58
(You save $3,943.42)


This is the area where the main talent and guests come together for live shows. 

In this package, we’ve included the “Art condenser” microphone from Neumann, and 3 Rode Procaster dynamic microphones, all with their respective microphone arms from MIKA with its “On Air” light indicator. 

Each microphone is connected to the voice processor, Vorsis M2, which has the ability to record pre-sets for Talents and guests.

If you’re getting an On Air Premium package please tell your sales representative to remove the processors since they are already included in the package’s console. 

Every talent or guest will have the option to adjust the level of hearing of his/her Sennheiser headphones, to turn on/off his/her microphone, and even hide a cough; all of this with the help of the AudioArts’ desktop turret. 

This package includes a Flasher to board members realize an incoming call.

For monitoring, the package comes with a self-powered monitors 5 inch, with wall brackets.

Finally, we’ve included the "ON AIR" signage, a complete package of acoustic material including acoustic bass trap, and 20 panels absorbing material, audio cables and connectors.