305 - SWAP 2000 - Professional 2000 Watt Semi-Compact FM Transmitter



Luxury FM Radio Transmitters Made in Italy ITALY Professional use Analogue Frequency Modulation from 87.5 MHz to 108.0 MHz setting in 10 kHz step and a frequency stability better than 2 ppm. Audio base band input and modulation mode selectable in: MPX (Composite), Stereo, Digital AES/EBU or Mono. Exclusive Distortion-less Intelligent Soft Limiter keeps the maximum deviation in the 75kHz limits giving always the maximum possible volume without introducing of any kind of distortion. LCD front panel display, Direct Access Keys command and LEDs indicators allows immediate control and visualization of the overall status of the transmitter. High efficiency LDMOS technology up to 80% efficiency, total spectral purity. Optionally can be installed the follows options: Dynamic RDS coder, WEB TCP/IP and SNMP connectivity for remote Access.