305 Recording Studio Basic

$9,150.00 $7,425.52
(You save $1,724.48)

A simple recording studio with the necessary software and hardware tools, to make the ideal environment Jingles recording and production. 

For this package we have integrated the compact console from Mackie, model 1402-VLZ3 14-channel and 2 BUS.

We’ve included in the package the WinMedia automation system with the necessary licenses for commercial recording and TRAFFIC. WinMedia is considered the most powerful automation system in the industry. Please note that installation and training are not included in the package price.

With respect to microphones, we’ve included an additional dynamic microphone from Rode, designed to filter ambient noise rejection that helps minimize consonant sounds and project a clearer voice with a stud Stopper Popper floor. 

For monitors and returns, the operator will have about 5 inch powered monitors and a professional closed headphone from Sennheiser. 

With respect to audio sources we’ve included a Digigram audio card with balanced output, 24 bit digital processing and 24 dBu output level, and a Tascam CD recorder.

Finally, signaling includes a "RECORDING" signage, an automatic relay, a complete package of material including acoustic bass trap, 20 panels absorbing material, and a table of 8 rack spaces and audio cables and connectors.